Holistic Learning

TRIPURA ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL,  a leading educational giant of the present age edutech schools is a standing example of Holistic Education.

Mental ability, logical reasoning, problem solving skills, analytical and critical thinking, integrated syllabi and conceptual learning serve as the most valuable aspects of our educational programme which place our children at their best at IIT, EAMCET, NEET, FITJEE and Olympiads.

Conceptual Learning

The entire learning program is devised into concepts where children learn through seminars, debates, projects, activities, experiments, enquiry, multimedia, library and internet.

Grooming individuals

TRIPS envisages the responsibility of shaping and growing children into citizens of the future. To develop life skills, communication skills and personality traits among children, a myriad of co-curricular and extra curricular activities are fused into the main stream.

All-Round Development

TRIPS philosophy is all round development of personality much against narrowing learners to academic alone. With a highly flexible methodology, nurturing students for the most challenging and uncertain future is one of the key focus areas. The multiple achievements of our students at the state and national levels speak of our success in creating a highly effective, enjoyable, stress free and conducive environment of learning.

Personality development and life skills sessions are conducted time to time. Children right from primary classes to high school undergo these sessions.

A day in a week or a week in a month is completely devoted for extra curricular activities. Drama, shortplays, skits, miming, dances, musical presentations, choirs, elocution, quizzes and many more echo the philosophy of the school that children are meant to grow up into complete and accomplished individuals.